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Address position in the golf swing

A successful golf swing relies on exactly executing some golf mechanics fundamentals, including stance, grip, and ball position. Address position in the golf swing is essential for achieving a good golf swing, but it is a concept that is often overlooked by both beginner golfers and golfers that have been playing for many years. If you learn how to perfect your address position in the golf swing, you will find yourself not only swinging better but putting better scores down on the score card.

Address position in the golf swing refers to how you set up to the ball when you are preparing to take a stroke. When it comes to address position in the golf swing, you need to pay attention to where your feet are, where the ball is, and where your hands are. To learn the proper address position in the golf swing and improve any mistakes you may be making in your address position, check out these simple tips.

• A good address position in the golf swing is one with good balance. Professional golfers have a balanced swing from start to finish. To set up to the ball with proper balance, maintain a good posture and sturdy foundation. This will allow you to strike the ball with a square club face.
• Your address position in the golf swing should be the position you want to be in when you make impact with the ball.
• In your address position, make sure you club face is square with the ball.
• When addressing the ball, align your body with your target line. To envision this, imagine you are looking at yourself from behind the ball. You want your shoulders and feet to be lined up with the target line.
• At set up, your feet should be shoulder's width apart or slightly more. A narrower or wider stance will adversely affect your balance.
• If you are hitting a wedge, the ball position during set up should be in the middle of your stance. When addressing the ball with a driver, the ball position should be close to the tip of your outside foot. The ball position for your irons should be at increments in between these two positions – closer to your foot if you are hitting a long iron and towards the middle of your stance for shorter irons.
• Good posture at set up involves knees that are slightly bent. Also, you do not want to be reaching for the ball or crowding yourself. Stand at a comfortable distance from the golf ball.

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