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Get Your Swing Right with a Straight Arm Golf Training Aid

Straight arm golf training aids are used to train the golfer to keep a straight arm when swinging or putting. It is essential to your swing to keep your one arm straight and the other one bent at just the right angle and a straight arm golf training aid can assist with this.

A straight arm golf training aid usually attaches to the top of your golf club grip, but there are others that attach to the body in different manners. Straight arm golf training aids teach you to keep the club square at impact. There’s no other device that can keep your arm straight like a straight arm golf training aid.
Some popular straight arm golf training aids are the TacTic Arm Aid and the Plane E-Z. The TacTic Arm Aid helps you to keep a consistent arc throughout the swing which allows the club to meet the ball at the bottom of that arc every time. It helps the left arm (for right handed golfers) to stay straight throughout the entire backswing, downswing and at past hip height on the follow-through. This straight arm golf training aid clicks as soon as the arm bends on the backswing, thus giving you a warning that you have an improper swing.
The Plane E-Z is a straight arm golf training aid that helps you to get into a "tray" position at the top which promotes with more of a "dropdown" move keeping the club more on the inside.  The result is that your club will be moving more "down the line" through impact and beyond and your arm will stay straight.
Straight arm golf training aids are one of the most necessary products for people who are learning to play golf because most beginning golfers have trouble keeping their arm straight. Like many training aids, straight arm training aids help improve your golf swing and, thus, keep your score at its ultimate below par. One thing straight arm training aids do that no other device can do is keep the entire body properly aligned throughout the swing. Keeping the body aligned is so important to ensuring a proper swing because just being off by the slightest angle can turn your ball into a variety of directions.
If you want to see a big improvement in your golf swing and your score, take advantage of these opportunities to help you improve. So, try out a straight arm training aid and get your golf game going to under par levels. And remember, keep your arm straight!

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